Hulu ad prices and more!

This article from is a fascinating look at ad revenue online and in traditional broadcast. To quote:

when it comes to monetization, Hulu’s ad platform beats nearly everything else out there. Hulu reports that it averaged $0.143 in ad revenue per episode in 2010, which is better than broadcast DVR ($0.097), cable ($0.106) and cable DVR ($0.048). Hulu doesn’t yet top ad revenue for the typical broadcast TV show, but the startup appears to be on its way to doing just that: in the fourth quarter: Hulu monetization rose to $0.185 per half-hour episode, compared to $0.216 for broadcast TV.

The rest of the article has charts and other interesting speculation about Hulu’s future, but the aspect that intrigued me was the final price point  – Hulu makes $0.185 per half hour while broadcast TV averages $0.216 for the same. Which means the best available ad supported program on broadcast makes less than one quarter per half hour. I’m not sure what this means, but it’s something to think about. Thoughts?


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