Microbudgets and Regional Filmmaking

I recently had the privilege of writing a guest post for John Yost’s column “The Microbudget Conversation” over at FilmmakerMagazine.com. I couldn’t be more excited about this, although I’ll admit I’m a little embarrassed at the photo they used to accompany the piece. In the article, I talk about Borscht, producing for Barry Jenkins and my thoughts on making an authentic regional film. You can read the entire piece by clicking here.

Big budgets bring with them the endless possibilities of crafting just the right look out of the entirety of the world. However, with microbudget, our options usually compress down to a square block, or small city to patchwork our worlds. I was recently contacted by Andrew Hevia, a member of Borscht, a film festival and film collective from Miami. What he told me made me excited and jealous…it was the perfect example of local, sustainable filmmaking. I asked Andrew to write up something on the collective, the role place has in microbudget, and the experience he had collaborating with Miami transplant Barry Jenkins.

Special thanks to John Yost and Scott Macaulay at FilmmakerMagazine.com


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